Over the years, we have worked with a vast array of industries. This experience uniquely positions us to view the challenges each faces with multiple perspectives. As we consult with police and fire departments, hospitals, manufacturers, customer service centers, transportation services, mines, municipal districts, utilities and financial service providers among others, we find that our proven solutions for one industry can often be adapted as a best practice for another industry to save money, improve service or productivity, and better meet customer needs.


Proper scheduling reduces your operating costs, improves your quality of service, and increases customer satisfaction without affecting employee morale. Coleman Consulting Group’s methodology and technology helps companies save millions of dollars every year. Change is not easy, but with a committed management team, a clear explanation of the business reasons for change, and involved employees who help to build the new solutions from appropriate models, it can be done.












Coleman Consulting Group is made up of a strong team of proven leaders from industry and academia. Most of our consultants are engineers with at least one post graduate degree and backgrounds in operations research, consulting and management of 24-hour operations. Our people are the backbone of Coleman Consulting Group. They are backed by years of experience – codified in training materials, processes, and databases that allow our engagement teams to provide the best solutions to our clients. The main goal of the management team is to support their success.

Frank Pereira - Managing Partner
Mr. Pereira is an internationally recognized expert on work practices and the deployment of personnel in diverse situations. His experience covers vast workforce optimization issues – from scheduling and shift management to increasing employee satisfaction, health, morale and performance. Since 1994, he has worked with both union and non-union companies in organizational management.
Marco Juarez - Senior Partner
Marco Juarez has more than 20 years of organizational development and operations management experience. He has helped companies save millions of dollars by implementing alternative schedules in more than 20 different states and five different countries.
Dennis Murphy - Executive VP
Mr. Murphy has worked with hundreds of companies all over the world and in nearly every industry. Prior to joining CCG, Mr. Murphy worked for Exxon Company, USA for 11 years, managing several around-the-clock operations in three states. He is a registered professional engineer in Alaska, California, and Texas and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University and a Master of Science degree from Stanford.
Jim Mertz - Senior Consultant
As an operations management executive and specialist Jim has been involved in the startup and growth of companies including Game Stop, CompUSA, and NextJet. With over three decades of operations management experience, Jim is well-versed in corporate growth challenges, employee work/life balance, management evaluation, inventory control, logistics and customer service issues. He has been responsible for several round the clock operations, call centers and been involved in multiple IPO events.
Taylor Donnell-  Senior Consultant
Taylor Donnell graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Before joining the CCG team, she spent time working as an environmental engineer on groundwater remediation projects. Upon graduating, Taylor also commissioned as a Chemical Corp officer in the US Army Reserves. She continues to serve in the Army Reserves as a 1LT serving as a company commander and recently earned her Master's of Science in Environmental Management from Webster University
Gary Rossi - Consultant
Gary’s career began as a Navy Seal/Frogman and brings 15+ years of experience in career/job transition planning, coaching and mentoring, managing a wide variety of team members and conducting performance reviews.
Suzanne Gogna - Finance & HR
Suzanne joined Coleman Consulting in October 2015. She brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the team. She is responsible for Accounts Receivable and Human Resources.
Rebecca Bugas-Marketing Director
Rebecca brings experience in branding, business development and inventory management from her years working for corporate retailers based in San Francisco and Marin.
Ron Higgs - Consultant
Ron Higgs is a veteran US Navy officer with over 20 years experience leading technical teams and activities in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Ron has worked with clients in several industries from startups to large corporations on leadership and organizational development, technical program management, and continuous improvement in the achievement of their business goals.
Justin Dovenmuehle - Consultant
Mr. Dovenmuehle’s 12-year career in nuclear power operations has given him an intimate knowledge of 24/7 schedule design. As a US Navy submarine veteran and former Duke Energy nuclear plant reactor operator, he knows the value a best fit schedule can bring to an organization. He was the head brewer at an award winning craft brewery and understands the importance of strategic capital deployment. Justin is passionate about schedule design, workflow efficiency, human performance, and safety.
Scott Silver - Senior Consultant
Mr. Silvers has over 25 years of experience as a senior manager, operator, and technical trainer in the nuclear industry. A 22-year veteran of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force, he retired as a Nuclear Master Chief Machinist Mate in 2003. Prior to CCG, Scott served as the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Maintenance and Technical Training Manager, where he oversaw the technical and OSHA training requirements for over 250 engineers, chemists, environmental technicians, and maintenance specialists.
Jennifer Peterson - Social Media
Jennifer has a background in Art and Fashion with experience in social media marketing and project management.
Stuart Taylor - Consultant
Stuart Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Missouri Kansas City. He has done data analysis, programming and software architecture design work in a number of industries, including projects with several Fortune 500 companies before joining the Coleman Consulting team.
Lauren Huff - Consultant
Tim White - Consultant
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Jennifer Peterson - Social Media

Jennifer has a background in Art and Fashion with experience in social media marketing and project management.