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Finding the right schedule means more than figuring out how to cover shifts

Finding the right schedule means more than figuring out how to cover shifts.

Coleman Consulting Group consultants analyze industry practices to identify where operational efficiencies might be realized, and incorporate those practices into a total solution that meets your business needs. By increasing operational efficiencies, companies are often able to reduce costs associated with maintaining operations. For some clients, this means reducing the total hours of operation; for others, it means realizing more capacity and increasing coverage hours at the same cost. Whatever your business needs may be, our consultants have no preconceived idea of the right answer. Instead, your business is evaluated and decisions are made based on data and facts.

Employee involvement is critical to the long-term success of any change process. A characteristic that distinguishes Coleman Consulting Group from other consulting firms is that we spend time surveying employees and management as to their personal needs and preferences.  We work within the culture to understand what people think about different schedules and related work, pay, and coverage policies. In other words, not only are the Business Needs driven by data and facts, but the Employee Desires are as well.

Our approach works well in both non-union and union environments, where change is based on consensus building amongst all levels of managers and shift workers, and a comprehensive review of internal survey data.  We have also worked in collective bargaining environments, where internal change is normally achieved through negotiation. Employees should still have the opportunity to be included in the selection of the types of changes to be negotiated since they are directly impacted by any kind of schedule modification. 

The end result from bringing employees into the change process from the beginning is a solution built by employees that meet all the needs of the business. 

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