Contact Centers

     Personnel accounts for 70 percent of contact center operating costs. Because of today’s tight labor market, potentially limited resource pools in areas where corporate contact centers are established, and the projected diminished labor pool as baby boomers leave the workforce, designing an employee-friendly work environment is crucial to attract and retain talented employees. Yet, turnover in this industry traditionally averages at least 35 percent. This workforce instability incurs high costs related to training and human resources.

     Imagine a customer service center where service levels are always met, abandoned calls decrease dramatically, correct coverage meets fluctuating and seasonal call volumes, and the number of customers grows while labor and equipment costs shrink. Imagine at that same customer service center absenteeism and turnover decrease by 30 percent, job satisfaction rises, and employees happily provide weekend coverage because they receive 15 weeks of built-in vacation.  There is not a software solution that will show you how to get these results.

Typical cost savings in contact center include:

Optimizing Software to Match Call Volume

Redefining Queues

Contact Routing Strategies

Agent Adherence

Optimizing Service Level

Forecast Accuracy

Staffing for Outbound Calling


"Coleman Consulting Group strengthened critical processes in our customer service operations. Their consultants gave us the fresh eyes we needed to solve the difficult challenge of realigning our people with a rapidly growing business. Coleman Consulting Group also knew our industry well and could implement new best-practices to make our operations even more efficient and effective – recommendations that software alone could not give us."

Jann Cantelon / Vice President / Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

"As the result of Coleman Consulting Group schedules, our overtime was reduced and the number of part-time employees increased from 36 to 111 which deferred our hiring 28 full-time employees. Overall, this allowed us to much better match our incoming call volume saving $1.47 million annually."

Susie Monary-Wilson / Workforce Planning Manager / California State Automobile Association

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