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This Massillon, OH paper mill is a relatively small plant of the larger Greif corporation. Employees were working an unhealthy reverse rotating schedule which adversely impact Circadian rhythms, considered factor 1 fatigue. In addition to the 8 hour, 4 crew reverse rotating shifts, the plant temperature was hot. The combination of a reverse rotating schedule and excessive work hours in high temperatures was leading to a greater risk of physical and mental fatigue for the shift workers.


Greif Incorporated 

INDUSTRY:  Manufacturing of coated recyclables, steel drums, water bottles,

consumer packaging materials, and corrugated specialty products

WORLDWIDE EMPLOYEES: 17,000 employees at 290 sites in 43 countries

MASSILLON, OHIO:  approx. 90 employees at a paper and containerboard mill

CAPACITY:  annual capacity of approx. 200,000 tons out of Massillon



Health and safety was an area of focus for this project. The goals included improved retention of existing employees, provide shiftworkers with more predictable time off for recovery, and to implement a schedule that made Greif-Massillon the employer of choice in the area. When surveyed, 40% of employees indicated that they were skeptical of the change because they viewed it as a reduction of pay or benefits. 70% of employees felt operational errors were the result of fatigue and sleepiness on the job. Shiftworkers wanted weekends off, elimination of double shifts and more predictable time off.


Coleman Consulting Group was hired to survey employees and completed a formal Business Analysis based on this feedback. Our extensive work with labor unions paved the way for engagement with union leadership early in this process. Our team recommended changing to a forward rotating schedule, which would meet business demand for paper products and be a healthier shift schedule for employees suffering from fatigue. Additionally, CCG recommended a fix for the current vacation schedule, which would allow for more predictable time off without negatively impacting high production levels. 



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