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     If you are like most food and beverage manufacturers, you deal with weekly and seasonal swings in production that not only increase the per unit cost of production but also make employees' lives unpredictable.  Like most food and beverage manufacturers, you can probably improve your work schedules in ways that will extend right to your bottom line. Unlike adding employees, materials, or capital equipment, better scheduling is a more cost-effective way to improve profitability.

     Most managers are experts at making their current schedule work; however, we rarely find that the current schedule is the optimal system for deploying capital and personnel.  In many cases, schedules are inherited, based upon tradition, or copied from a nearby facility.  Therefore, it is not surprising that the hidden costs of being experts in the wrong system add up.  Coleman Consulting Group identifies and converts hidden costs into quickly recognizable cost savings and profit making opportunities.  A good schedule can save millions. A bad schedule will cost money every year.

     As plants flex their production to meet demand, they can find themselves asking, or even forcing, their employees to work Saturdays and Sundays. Many plants wait to make the decision to work a weekend until Thursday or Friday.  Now, not only are employees losing time off, but they are also missing out on plans they may have made. The right schedule is a win-win for the company and employees.

Typical cost savings in the food & beverage industry include:

Capital Utilization

Reducing Sanitation & Cleaning Costs

7 Day Operations

Adjusting with Seasonality

BEST Equipment Strategy

Reducing Idle Time & Overtime

Minimizing Breakdowns & Shutdowns


"The highlights from our project include $1,200,000 in labor efficiency schedules that include the ability to flex up and down...and work/pay/coverage policies designed to achieve 33% reduction in overtime and 50% reduction in unplanned absenteeism."

P. Michael Veltri / Plant Manager / Monsanto Company

"Coleman Consulting Group helped us reconfigure our sanitation and production scheduling. The results were fewer starts and stops, increased tons per employee and deferment of nearly $30 million of capital."

Gregory Brook / Vice President Operations / Anchor Food Products

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