Coleman Consulting Group consultants are facilitators of change, and participants, too. Our experience in a vast array of industries over the years has positioned us to have a view the varied and challenging service industries in a unique way. As we consult with police and fire departments, hospitals, security services, call centers, transportation services and financial service providers, we find that our proven solutions for other industries not only address cost savings, but also target your customers’ satisfaction.

       Think of the number of services currently available 24 hours per day, seven days per week compared with 20 years ago. Remember when the mall was closed on Sundays and evenings? In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, expanding hours and consolidating facilities are inevitable. Your company should lead, not lag, this unstoppable trend.

       Proper scheduling will improve your quality of service and increase customer satisfaction without affecting employee morale. Coleman Consulting Group’s methodology and technology will help you implement cost savings. Change is not easy, but with a committed management team, a clear explanation of the business reasons for change, and involved employees who help to build the new solutions from appropriate models, it can be done.

Typical cost savings in the service sector include:

Enhancing Customer Experience

Integrating Part Time Employees

Reducing Response Time

Optimizing Occupancy

Maximizing the Take at Point of Sale

Workload Modeling and Matching


"Coleman Consulting provided a business analysis by mining an existing traffic database and provided information in a clear and concise format that had been previously difficult to visualize and obtain.  This analysis alone was worth the price of the project."

Richard J. Polo / Lieutenant Colonel / United States Army

"Coleman Consulting Group helped us improve the quality of our operation, our customer and employee satisfaction, and our efficiency."

John Brennan / Senior Vice President / VISA International

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