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       As a Medical, Pharmaceutical or Health Service Company, how can having the right schedule help you grow in the most profitable manner?

      Whether your focus is providing physicians with the most innovative products, or providing patients with the best care, the right schedule enables you to grow your business without having to buy additional facilities and equipment. At Coleman Consulting Group, we advise clients to leverage time to the benefit of the business. Leveraging time enables you to grow and operate in the most productive manner. For example, doctor's offices work “normal business hours” mostly for the benefit of employees. This is great for employees, but now the office space is only utilized for about 30% of the total time in a week. And given that most of their customers work during the day, most doctors' offices might find the business needs dictate they stay open during non-typical hours.

Typical cost savings in the Medical & Pharmaceuticals include:

Deferring Capital Investment

Enhancing Customer Experience

Reduce Response Time

Workload Modeling and Matching



Seven Day Operations

Adjusting with Seasonality

Reducing Idle Time/Overtime


"We have several new schedules and we've had very positive results. Our value added per operator went up 24.5 percent, number of kilograms produced went up 19.7 percent, spills decreased 50 percent and our lost-time accidents decreased by 14 percent."

Kathleen Amrhein / Human Resources Manager / Pharmacia and Upjohn

"Coleman Consulting Group helped us fine-tune our labor scheduling to reduce idle labor time as well as build cross-trained teams to improve our patient care."

Mary Jo McElroy / Senior Operations Officer / Grant-Riverside Methodist Hospitals

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