If you are like most mine operators, you can likely improve your schedule in ways that will reach your bottom line. Unlike adding employees or capital equipment, better scheduling is a cost-effective way to improve profitability. A good schedule can save millions – a bad schedule will cost money every year.


      Safe production, alert employees and shift work schedules go hand in hand. A recent study showed that 68 percent of all shift workers in mining operations notice poor safety practices due to sleepiness. An earlier study of the coal mining industry by Hunting and Weeks (1990), reported a 1.5- to 2-fold increase in accident risks for work performed during overtime hours, compared to work done during normally scheduled straight time hours. Schedules that allow the body’s circadian rhythm to be in sync and that also minimize the buildup of sleep debt result in the best on-the-job performance.


      The competition is not sitting still. Whether union or non-union, surface or underground, mines worldwide have the same objective: decrease cost per ton.


Typical cost savings in mines include:

Increasing Mine


Reducing Electrical Costs (Mill/Refinery)

Shaft Optimization


Increasing Face Usage

Increasing Equipment Utilization

Improving Equipment Availability (Maintenance)


"Nothing is more profound than a schedule change. The process requires planning and education. Coleman Consulting Group consultants are experts in scheduling and implementing change. They helped our management team identify the benefits of a new schedule and then they provided a good educational process for the employees. The process was real positive and well worth the investment."

Steve Holmes / Mine Manager / Phelps Dodge

"With Coleman Consulting Group, I was able to consider options that I may not have considered and was advised what was the best thing to do. With exactly the same number of employees, we have increased productivity by 17%."

Dick Scallan / General Manager / Renison Mines

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