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The Hidden Cost of Overtime and Shift Scheduling for Manufacturers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average overtime hours worked by manufacturing employees in December 2018 was 3.6 hours per week. Surveys of shiftwork and overtime practices at companies maintaining around-the-clock operations show some employees average up to 500 hours of overtime a year. Along with employees’ requests for overtime, supervisors must distribute (and account for) overtime equitably. Coleman Consulting Group Managing Partner Frank Pereira, who says his firm has surveyed more than 350,000 employees worldwide, estimates only about 50% of manufacturers have scheduling software. Pereira’s firm helps manufacturers analyze their scheduling and overtime practices, and he notes that there are as many ways to keep track of overtime and schedules as there are companies.

“Automating scheduling is scary for a lot of manufacturers because it’s hard to put a value on it like you could with an ERP implementation that will save 10% in shipping costs,” added Pereira, “And, more importantly, employees build their lives around their work schedules, so the risk of something going wrong in implementation far outweighs the benefits of an automated schedule.

“Managers know that messing up the schedule can lead to massive headaches including increased turnover, low morale, poor performance, higher costs, and, if you’re unionized, even a strike,” adds Pereira.

Reliable Plant Conference

Our Managing Partner Frank Pereira will be speaking about " The Power of the Right Schedule" at The Reliable Plant Conference in Cleveland, OH on April 16-18.

DisruptHr in New Orleans

Our Managing Partner Marco Juarez will be sharing how to "Move Beyond Traditional Work Schedules And Create Employee Lifestyles.” If you’re an HR professional, a CEO, a technologist, a community leader – and you’ve got something to say or learn about talent, culture or technology – Disrupt is the place.

WOSSA 23rd Annual Conference

Do you know the "The Power of the Right Schedule”? Our Managing Partners Frank Pereira and Marco Juarez will be speaking at WOSSA 23rd annual conference on January 25-26th.

The Power of the Right Schedule

Managing Partner Frank Pereira spoke at the fifth DisruptHR San Diego event about the"Power of the Right Schedule".

Coleman Consulting teams up with Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative

Coleman Consulting Group announces an Educational Partnership with Brigham Health to further enlighten workers on the value of sleep and the dangers of sleep disorders. This initiative reaffirms Coleman Consulting Group commitment to the health and safety of thousands of employees affected by our work each year.

Fundraising for our Texas Community

We at Coleman Consulting Group are thankful for the chance to carry on this vision by helping Birth Texas raise funds to provide the pro bono services that ensure healthy and safe births. We hope others in our Texas community help support this wonderful organization.

Our Managing Partner was interviewed for Power Magazine

Read more about how we help power plants with Workforce scheduling.

Coleman Consulting Group Cleans Up on National Day of Service

Consultants from Coleman Consulting Group took time out of their busy schedules to participate in an event on the Volunteer National Day of Service on September 11. The teamed up with the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership ( and Solano County to spend the day performing general cleanup, painting, sweeping, raking, and trimming overgrown vegetation at the Mare Island Cemetery in Vallejo, CA.

Scheduling For Success, Coleman Consulting Group in Talent Management Magazine

Turnover in the industrial sector can average 75 percent in the first six to 12 months, but by creating the right on-boarding schedule, that can be decreased by 25 to 40 percent. Frank Pereira, Managing Partner of Coleman Consulting Group, describes his method in this article by Talent Management Magazine.

The Value of Smarter Scheduling

Schedule-optimization software can save your business money by reducing employee downtime, reducing time devoted to scheduling, and decreasing employee absenteeism. Take a look at this article featuring Coleman Consulting Group's Frank Pereira and Dr. Richard Coleman in HR Magazine, "The Best of Times".

Implementing a BEST COST Schedule

A schedule is not a shift length nor is it a day-on day-off pattern. A schedule is a system for deploying capital, personnel and service with employee buy-in and specific work, pay and coverage policies. The Best Cost Schedule is the most cost effective way of deploying your personnel, capital, and services. Learn about designing and implementing this schedule in this article by Frank Pereira and Marco Juarez, featured in VP Magazine as part two of a two-part series. If you missed part one

How do you deploy your capital and personnel?

What is the best way to staff a manufacturing plant, distribution center, or any operation? Most organizations answer that question using tradition, personal preference of the management team, and preconceived ideas of what works best. Read about how to creatively approach shift scheduling in this article by Marco Juarez and Frank Pereira featured in VP Magazine, part one of a two-part series.

Coleman Consulting Group Designed 10-Hour Shift Implemented at Marvin Windows and Doors

Read about how CCG designed and implemented a 10-hour schedule at Marvin Windows and Doors corporate headquarters in Warroad, MN to improve work/life balance and reduce turnover.

When Employees Work Shifts, HR Needs 24-Hour Strategy

Coleman Consulting Group offers solutions that make HR a situation where savings can be found, and profits can be increased.

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