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Coleman Consulting teams up with Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative

Frank and Chuck at an Office of Naval Research event in Washington DC.  They were joined by Frank’s daughter Julianna a United States Naval Academy midshipman.

Coleman Consulting Group announces an Educational Partnership with Brigham Health to further enlighten workers on the value of sleep and the dangers of sleep disorders. This initiative reaffirms Coleman Consulting Group's commitment to the health and safety of thousands of employees affected by our work each year. Our company was founded by Dr. Richard Coleman in the 1980s to help apply, then cutting-edge sleep research to industry. Much has happened in the field of sleep in the last thirty years. Although Coleman Consulting Group has always maintained a focus on fatigue avoidance and health education, this educational partnership will only strengthen that work. Starting this month, Coleman Consulting Group will be including the latest sleep research into our projects. Dr. Laura Barger, a world renown researcher from Brigham Health, will be embedded in a CCG team working directly with workers.

“We are happy to be partnering with Dr. Czeisler and the researchers from Brigham,” says Coleman Consulting Group’s managing partner Frank Pereira. “Chuck was part of the original team that started Coleman Consulting Group, and we’re excited to have him back working with us again. This body of knowledge will strengthen our commitment to the health and well-being of people we affect. This is also a two-way relationship, while Coleman Consulting Group will be able to apply the latest in sleep research, Brigham Health will have access to thousands of employees from many industries.”

Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative was the recipient of the Green Cross for Safety's Innovation Award from the National Safety Council on May 23rd, 2018. The Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health is led by expert scientists and clinicians devoted to translating advancements in sleep science to improve public health, and to promote a worldwide culture of healthy sleep. More than 25,000 participants have completed their sleep health wellness and screening programs – including firefighters, physicians, police officers, emergency medical technicians, astronauts, and healthcare workers.

Coleman Consulting Group implements workforce management solutions for clients across a variety of industries. We are made up of a highly qualified team of experts with backgrounds in manufacturing, operations research, technology, consulting, management, operations, and management execution systems applications. Through innovative shift schedule design and implementation, we close the gap between execution systems on the plant floor and business systems by implementing workforce management solutions that benefit your company and your employees.

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