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  • Rebecca Bugas

An Expert's Take on Modern Workforce Management

In the modern world, most companies are challenged with optimizing an increasingly difficult supply chain with an evolving workforce. Lean principles, demanding customers, limited inventories and stingy capital investments have forced manufacturers to increase flexibility. At the same time, workers across all age groups are demanding better work hours with more predictability and more flexibility. Matching employee desires with tough business demands is difficult, but not impossible. How can we improve productivity, increase capacity, and match customer demand while at the same time get workers the time, the flexibility and the predictability they want?

On today’s Food & Beverage Podcast, our Managing Partner Frank Pereira, a Naval Academy grad, Gulf War vet, and Haas Business School alum, shares how he became part of the company. He describes how the Coleman Consulting Group team delivers workforce management solutions through shift schedule design to benefit companies and their employees. Our team of consultants takes great pride in making workers' lives better through predictable schedules while still keeping business goals at the forefront.

For over 25 years, Frank has worked with clients in a variety of industries including food production, manufacturing, mining, utilities, emergency services, and call centers. No matter the industry, these businesses want to improve their workforce management. Most managers have a hard time seeing the forest through the trees. That's where Coleman Consulting Group steps in. “For us, it’s all about the data. It tells the story, and we follow it." We use site specific analytics to uncover the possibilities, and then apply our expertise and experience to turn those possibilities into reality.

On the podcast, Pereira uses the example of a restaurant to discuss how a change in perspective can help realize opportunities. “In a traditional restaurant setting, we start out looking at the data and business drivers. We talk to the people about what they want and need. Then we implement solutions,” Pereira said. This simple restaurant example can be used to solve efficiency problems in any industry. We hear over and over again that the single most important benefit is more days off. Coleman Consulting Group helps companies strategize to meet business goals and to satisfying employee desires for predictable schedules. It's a win-win solution.

Pereira offers his thoughts on the future of work, specifically in the Food & Beverage industry, and why the “status quo” is really just another phrase for “stagnation.” Change management is hard, and Coleman Consulting Group is here to help organizations make the change.

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