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  • Vicente Juarez

On site in NY, manufucturing is alive and well thanks to employees who care

Three weeks have passed since the beginning of my internship here at Coleman Consulting Group. I am learning the different dynamics of corporations and production facilities, and how companies operate. My first business trip to New York opened my eyes to the factory floor, where I saw the relationship between the end product and the workers each step of the way. Immediately I saw people who were very focused and task oriented, unafraid to "step on toes" if it meant performing their responsibilities. We took a tour of the plant and stayed on site as a team, and were still stopped several times by employees making sure we had been granted access. They approached us sternly but were then apologetic once they realized we had permissions. This was a big difference from my experience working smaller jobs locally. It showed me that at least here in New York, part of the success realized in manufacturing must have something to do with caring and engaged employees who take their jobs seriously. I could tell that this company was fortunate to have employees dedicated to their jobs and viewed their set of tasks as just one part of their career. That commitment and passion for a job is something I strive for while I am working with the Coleman team. Every company I visit helps me get closer and closer to that I want to make this MY job? I'm really enjoying my time with Coleman Consulting Group. I am learning more than I thought I would by seeing the plants and manufacturing floors of so many different companies. My experience has shown me that a professional job is attainable with hard work and a passion. My task from here on out is narrowing what I believe to be my passion.

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