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  • Frank Pereira

Preventing Turnover is Possible with Schedules that Work for Employees

When a team member leaves, they take not only their labor skills but also a piece of the company culture away with them. There is a very real and tangible cost of replacing an hourly employee, which can range from $8,000 upwards to $25,000 depending on the position. How can companies combat turnover when the robust job market and record low unemployment gives employees their pick of positions? The answer is to focus on retention through strategic scheduling. Our Managing Partner, Frank Pereira reminds us that "people build their lives around their work schedules. And after surveying hundreds of thousands of employees, we at Coleman Consulting Group know the number one thing people want is more predictable days off." Listen below to Frank's discussion with Shelby Skrhak of MarketScale to learn more about ways you can retain your best employees by giving them the schedules and predictability that they want.

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