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  • Vicente Juarez

Expectations of an Intern

For nearly 16 years, I had no idea what a consultant did. All I knew is that they helped companies improve. I learned from my dad, a Managing Partner with Coleman Consulting Group, that consultants specialize in finding solutions to make companies more efficient, but I never knew what exactly that meant. This summer, I am finally getting the opportunity to be exposed to the world of consulting. I will get to see and experience companies through a consultant's eyes.

My college journey has shown me many paths that I can take in the future. Growing up, I always had a logical way of thinking and problem solving. I thought a career using mathematics would be the best fit, so I enrolled as a mathematics major at University of the Ozarks with the hopes of finding a career path rooted in math. My second year, I found I had an interest for structuring business, but I still wanted a degree that showed that I excelled in reasonable thinking. I switched my major to electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. After endless hours of frustration with a subject that I thought I loved, I finally chose to major in Business Management at UTA. With that decision behind me, I wanted to get some work experience as soon as possible.

Making the decision about this internship was easy because I knew I could use my problem solving skills and have always admired the way my dad describes his line of work...he looks for opportunities that add value to the company and to their employees, by finding opportunities for change. I want to take everything I learn with open eyes and a desire to learn more. I expect to be challenged by each task given and to take each struggle as a lesson to remember. I want to learn more about the business world and how a team of consultants interact while helping our clients. I want to experience the lifestyle and workload of a consultant to see if this is the path I should be on.

I am more than excited to be able to intern for Coleman Consulting Group and to develop skills that I can contribute to projects. I cannot wait to see what this summer has in store for me and how it will shape the way I think for the rest of my professional career.

I am more than excited to be able to work at Coleman Consulting Group this summer, to develop skills and conor me and how it will shape the way i think for the rest of my professional career.

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