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  • Marco Juarez

Unlocking Efficiency and Job Satisfaction at Marvin Windows

Employees in the small town of Warroad, Minnesota were working six days a week, alternating every two weeks from days to nights. With very little predictable time off, employees were exhausted and morale was low. Because Marvin Windows was one of the biggest employers in this small town, many parents were working opposite shifts and hardly saw eachother. Coleman Consulting Group was hired to help with retention, and immediately recognized the need for change, knowing that the culture of the company was very much tied to the small community. As a matter of fact, the local paper called Warroad Pioneer published an article about the shift changes at Marvin, announcing changes in traffic patterns in town and the adjusted after school programs available for kids of working parents. Taking into account the importance of surveying employees to determine what schedules would work best for their 3000+ workers, Coleman Consulting Group designed predictable schedules that allowed employees to plan out their entire year, including anticipated overtime. Based on the employee feedback surveys, the new rotations included 5 day breaks once a month, and reduced the number of required night shifts by half. Listen to the discussion between our Managing Partner, Marco Juarez and Joe Freud, a former manufacturing executive at Marvin, as he recalls working with Coleman Consulting Group as one of his career highlights. Click the feed below to learn more...

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