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  • Marco Juarez

Holiday Work/Life Balance – A Non-Traditional, Traditional Thanksgiving

I have really had to learn to bring balance to my life. I admit that not so long ago I was a workaholic. I still am to some extent, but I have done a much better job of finding ways to step away and shut down work – especially when there is fun to be had with the family. Thanksgiving is no different. I typically enjoy being the cook for Thanksgiving day. With a family of eight children, and adding their friends as they have gotten older, means cooking for two or three dozen people.

This Thanksgiving is a little different. We are breaking with tradition and took part of the clan to New York. Why would we go to New York on what some people are saying will be the coldest Thanksgiving day in recent history? To go see a parade, of course. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition for so many families across the country. I have discovered it had the second largest viewing audience only to the Super Bowl.

Why would we go just for a parade? I am very proud of the my Freshman son who has worked very hard and is traveling with the Keller High School marching band to be only one of eleven marching bands participating in the parade – and the only band from Texas. It’s been great to bring the kids and run around central park and visit the parade floats the night before.

It really made me thankful for all those people who work the night shift and work holiday shifts to make life happen. Just for this parade to happen half the officers in New York will be working Thanksgiving eve night shift or some time on Thanksgiving Day. In a city like New York, trash collection is done in the middle of the night even the day before Thanksgiving. Utility workers are on shift all night ensuring our lights stay on and our heaters work. My son will be up at 2:00 a.m. because they have to do a dry run at 4:00 a.m. for the television producers and staff who will be up all night making sure what America sees on television the next day is magical.

Okay, so maybe I still struggle with disconnecting from my job of shift work scheduling, but sometimes it’s hard no to think about it when you enjoy making things better for those that are shift workers. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and especially those of you working those odd shifts to make life easier for the rest of us.

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